Patrick Crumhorn wrote:

Er, I meant it shows up empty in "Password Manager"

Patrick Crumhorn wrote:

My very large password file, while *appearing* to migrate (there is an
identical .s file and key3.db file in both the 1.1.8 profile and in
the new SM 2.0 profile), shows up empty in "Profile Manager." This
alone will keep me using 1.1.18 for a good long while, as it would
literally take days of spare time to laboriously copy over each URL
and password manually. Why does this not work? It seems like it should.

Patrick Crumhorn wrote:

This is exactly my problem as well. I installed SM 2.0 tonight on my
WinXP Professional SP2 system that already has 1.1.18 working fine.
After install I was prompted to launch SeaMonkey but nothing happens. It
will not launch - at all - from the desktop icon or directly from the
.exe file. No sign of it in Task Manager processes either. Fortunately
my 1.1.18 is untouched, so I'll probably use that for the foreseeable
future. I'd hate to have to switch to FF and TB since I've used the
suite since Navigator 4 but this just isn't working for me.

Oh, the only parent.lock file I found anywhere was in my old SeaMonkey
profile, none in the SM 2 directories at all. I deleted it as suggested,
but no effect.

nr wrote:
On Oct 27, 7:39 pm, "David E. Ross" <nob...@nowhere.invalid> wrote:
In the meantime, I've reverted back to SM 1.1.18.

I won't use IE except for downloading and installing Windows XP
because I've declined to install various security updates for it.
I don't consider it a full-function, working browser in my

David E. Ross

Go to Mozdev at <> for quick access to
extensions for Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, and other
Mozilla-related applications. You can access Mozdev much
more quickly than you can Mozilla Add-Ons.

I had 1.1.18 installed and running fine. I downloaded 2.0 (just a
little while ago), installed it (no problems), then, like David it
asked if I wanted to run. I said yes and nothing happened. I also
double-clicked the SM icon in the SM folder: nothing.

I have only one profile and I did not uninstall 1.1.18. I looked in
the SeaMonkey folder and the seamonkey.exe file had a date from
September. I would have expected it to have an October date.

I have reloaded 1.1.18 but am disappointed with the 2.0 problem. I'm
running XP-SP3.

Thanks for any help.

Even if the files appear the same, have you tried copying them over fomr the old profile to the new, and restarting SeaMonkey anyway? It might work, it can't hurt.

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