On 8/7/2017 8:27 PM, Paul B. Gallagher wrote:
> David E. Ross wrote:
>> On 8/7/2017 6:12 PM, Paul B. Gallagher wrote:
>>> Lemuel Johnson wrote:
>>>> I suspect it's not a coincidence that Pacific Daylight Time
>>>> (UTC-07:00) corresponds to Mountain Standard Time (UTC-07:00).
>>>> I'm not aware of any browser time zone awareness, generally the
>>>> page will use Javascript to query the client time settings. Have
>>>> you tried, say, Chrome to see if you get the same result? Or,
>>>> gulp, deleting all the Vanguard cookies?
>>> That may be the answer -- if the Vanguard site is treating him as
>>> being in MST, which is a notational equivalent to PDT, no action is
>>> required.
>>> Of course, it bears watching in the fall.
>> After saving a copy of cookies.sqlite, I deleted all cookies from
>> the profile that I use for accessing my bank and stock accounts.  I
>> still saw the problem.
>> I then restored the cookies from the saved cookies.sqlite file.
> So does the site simply say "Mountain Time," or does it say "Mountain 
> Standard Time"? In the latter case, as noted above, no action is 
> required, at least until fall. Their noon MST appointment is the same as 
> your noon PDT appointment.

I just now revisited the Web page for scheduling a phone appointment.
It says "Mountain Time", not "Mountain Standard Time".  Selecting an
icon adjacent to that displays a tooltip that explains the indicated
time zone.  The tooltip says: "The time zone is based on your computer
system's clock."  You can view all that at

I then launched Microsoft's Data and Time window.  It says that my time
zone is "(UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)".  You can view that at

All this tells me that the problem is at Vanguard.

David E. Ross

President Trump demands loyalty to himself from Republican members
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