On 7/08/2017 5:08 AM, David E. Ross wrote:
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I have an account at the Vanguard Group (mutual funds).  If I login to
my account via SeaMonkey, I can schedule a phone call appointment with
my account representative.  The Web page for making an appointment
always shows me as being in the Mountain Time zone; but I am in
California, which is in the Pacific Time zone.  The account
representative told me that Vanguard's Web technicians tested this Web
page from accounts in California and consistently get Pacific Time zone.

This is not a new problem with SeaMonkey 2.48; I have seen this with
2.46 and earlier versions.  Windows says I am in the Pacific Time zone.
You can check this by viewing the source of this message.  More simply,
you can compare the posting time of this message with my current time,
which is 12:08pm.

Is there a time zone setting in SeaMonkey?  Or does it ALWAYS use the
Windows setting for this?

David, could it be a DST thing?? Has your computer not reset properly after dropping out of DST?? But, then again, if, as you type, your Windows knows you are on Pacific Time Zone, ..............!!


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