Pedro Quaresma wrote:
> I read all the reviews/ads above, and I admit if I'd base my opinion on
> this game by these reviews, I'd agree with you (I did buy the game, didn't
> I? :)).

They were all reviews, not ads.  I also was GIVEN the game by someone who
finished it twice and said he loved it both times.
> But believe me, it just doesn't cut it, for all the reasons I mentioned. I
> can give you a direct comparison to other CRPGs, if you like.

Please do!  But privately, as I think this is going outside of the scope of
this mailing list.
> >So, tell me again why you think it's not a good game?
> If I find you 5 ads/reviews saying that MacD*nalds is the greatest food
> that was ever created would you go out and praise its qualities? =)

I wasn't praising it, I was questioning your 100% put-down of the game.  It's
not a bad game; rather, it sounds like you had particular expectations for it
that it didn't meet.

RPGamers and AdventureGamers seem to have very specific attributes of what an
RPG should or shouldn't be, and can get very critical of games that don't meet
their vision.  Because Baulder's Gate had less puzzles and storyline than you
would have liked, it's a horrible terrible game and nobody should ever play
it?  Don't you think you're being a bit too harsh?  Please note that I am not
praising the game, nor have I ever praised it because I haven't played it.  I'm
just questioning your damnation of a game that doesn't seem to deserve it.
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