Pedro Quaresma wrote:
> Oh, oh, hold it, hold it, hold it right there!

Why?  Are great games allowed to have horrible payoffs that are completely not
in the spirit of the rest of the game?
> Although I'd love to see a different ending (and I've seen worse ones), the
> game is very good, and it represents a very important moment in the history
> of Computer Role-Playing Games!

What's the important moment?  It was very good in several areas, yes, but it
wasn't doing anything that Dungeon Master hadn't done 3 years before...
> As far as bad games go, for many years I've considered Ishar 2 to be the
> worst RPG ever. I simply hate games with many "Death Traps" (places in
> which if you don't do the intended thing, you can go on playing but you'll
> never finish the game again). Besides, without the hintbook one has no idea
> what to do next, as the plot is rather weak.
> Nevertheless, nowadays, I'd rather play Ishar 2 than for example Stonekeep,
> or Lands of Lore 2, or *shiver* Baldur's Gate 2...

I understand the first 2, but Baldur's Gate 2 is a great game...?
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