Marco Thorek wrote:
I'm not sure if we had this topic before, but what "modern" games, say,
developed after 1994, would you consider collectible?

Collectible meaning "high monetary/trade value" or "game worth owning until end of time because it is a *good* game"?

For "value" there are the common answers: Ultima compilations, Elder Scrolls series, Neverhood. For "because it's a great game" there are many, many more... For example, Half-Life. It's the most common game in the world but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be in a collection -- it's got one hell of an atmosphere and was responsible for several fundamental changes in the industry. Same for Fallout, Deus Ex, and many more I could mention that are, fundamentally, great games.

- Planescape: Torment. Due to the lack of sales back then, hence
comparably small quantities are available, and the legendary status it
is gaining ever since, many people now seem to try to get a hold of it.
Personally I consider it the greatest RPG I played so far.

I just picked up CDs and manuals only (no box) for $14. I've heard it's great.
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