Jim Leonard schrieb:
> Marco Thorek wrote:
> > I'm not sure if we had this topic before, but what "modern" games, say,
> > developed after 1994, would you consider collectible?
> Collectible meaning "high monetary/trade value" or "game worth owning
> until end of time because it is a *good* game"?

In this case high monetary value. I loved the Ultima series, but you
could pull my nails and I wouldn't say that U9 was a great game. Still
U9's Dragon Edition seems to be looked for.

> For "value" there are the common answers:  Ultima compilations, Elder
> Scrolls series, Neverhood.  

Elder Scrolls, ok, but "value" you'll only get for the titles before
1994. Redguard and Morrowind are already pretty common.

May we say that most titles nowadays are produced in too large numbers
to ever become collectible?  

> I just picked up CDs and manuals only (no box) for $14.  I've heard it's
> great.

Oh, definitely. You'll really be in for a treat.


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