Jim Leonard stated:
>BBS nostalgia is extremely high, actually.  In fact, I'm working with 
>Jason Scott on his upcoming BBS documentary.  3 DVD-9s are planned (!)

Of www.textfiles.com?  Cool!  (Hey, where'd the site go!  I hope it's
only temporary.)  Glad to see his documentary is in capable hands.

I went through a period of BBS nostalgia some months ago.  Even looked
up some of the people who were big in the Birmingham (AL) BBS scene
and/or I'd been (virtual) friends with.  I seriously considered
starting a web page on the topic, but luckily (because I don't need
another project) lack of time prevailed.  I will eventually find my
collection of BTN (Birmingham Telecommunication News) and upload it to
his site.  I can't believe only one issue seems to have made its way
to the Internet.

Lee K. Seitz

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