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> On 1/6/20 4:38 PM, Volker Schmidt wrote:
> > the buildings, where he can ring the bell. In many case this is not on
> > the building but on the entrance to the property.. I have a real case
>   Here that's very common. Physical address signs are on the end of the
> driveway where they can be seen. Course many driveways around here are
> long, and you can't see the house from the road.

There are a few of each type near me.  House at the end of a long drive,
be seen from the road, house name is marked at entrance to driveway.  Block
of apartments with an entry gate with buzzers.

I am not convinced marking the location of the house name number, rather
than the house itself, is useful.  The people with the long drive live in
the house,
not at the entrance to the drive.  They don't have a letterbox at the end
of the drive,
but even if they did the address belongs to the house.  Yes, delivery
people would
have to stop at the entrance gate to the block of flats, but that would be
from inspection of the map or on arrival at the place.

The question is, are we mapping an address or the location of a house
plate associated with the address?  I'd say the address.

Consider a long driveway shared between several houses.  Letterboxes at the
of the driveway, and that's where the house names/numbers are marked.  If
delivering a pizza, you need to know which house to go to after going along
the drive.

For many purposes, marking the location of the sign, rather than the actual
seems to me to be perverse.

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