> I don't see misplacing nodes as being a good alternative to getting the
> routeing right.

At least in the context of the legal requirements in Italy, I am not
suggesting to misplace a node. I suggest to put it where the house number
has to be (in Italy), i.e. on the entrance from the public road.

Regarding adding the (private) footpath or driveway from the gate to the
house, I did not expect a routing algorithm to be so intelligent that when
routing by car it also takes into consideration additional bits at the end
that are private and/or pedestrian. But I am not a routing expert, may the
AI has done wonders there as well.
But why do we need to have the full street address on the building at all?
OK, I am leaving aside a number of variants, like separate entrances for
cars and pedestrians, even though In that case my choice would be to put
the number where the door bell is.

Nervertheless I admit that there will certainly be cases where we need some
way of tying together the point where the navigation device finds the
address and the buidling where the people live whom you have come to visit
to have a cup of tea. A site relation ?
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