On 1/7/20 11:02 AM, Volker Schmidt wrote:
> Nervertheless I admit that there will certainly be cases where we
> need some way of tying together the point where the navigation device
> finds the address and the buidling where the people live whom you
> have come to visit to have a cup of tea. A site relation ?

  My experiments with routing apply mostly to OsmAnd and what's in the
PBF files it uses. I dug pretty deeply into this recently while adding
OSM support to CadPage so we could use it for dispatch. All they need to
start navigation is the current location, and the GPS coordinates of the
destination. There is an option at that time to route on highways marked
private, ie... long driveways. If the footpath to the house is in OSM,
it'll take you all the way there. That's assuming all your highway data
is good, all highways=* actually connect, relations are good, etc...
Good navigation has been critical for our new fire fighters being able
to find anything efficiently. Beats using a 3 inch thick paper mapbook
like we used to... Which hadn't been updated in 17 years either.

  It of course gets the location of the destination by looking it up
using 'addr:street' and addr'housenumber'. Everything else like
'addr:full' is ignored. Sometimes it'll limit the search to the nearest
decent sized boundary, like a city.

        - rob -

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