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> > The question is, are we mapping an address or the location of a house
> name/number
> > plate associated with the address?  I'd say the address.
> both, we are mapping both, using the same tags: housenumbers and addresses

I'd say that mapping the same address both ways is confusing.

I'd also say that, in an example that appeared here earlier, where several
can be accessed by any of several gates, the correct way to handle it would
not be
to put addresses on gates but by footpaths or pedestrian areas or similar
and apply
the addresses to the buildings.

As I understand it, in some countries the emergency services use OSM.
the building they can figure out which gate to use.  Knowing the gate may
not tell
them which of several buildings they need to get to.

Then again, as long as people don't force me to put addresses at the end of
driveways, I'm not going to put much effort into arguing the point.

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