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>> > The question is, are we mapping an address or the location of a house
>> name/number
>> > plate associated with the address?  I'd say the address.
>> both, we are mapping both, using the same tags: housenumbers and
>> addresses
> I'd say that mapping the same address both ways is confusing.

What I meant: we put address tags on objects (e.g. shops, restaurants,
museums, cinemas, etc.) and this is usually (in my area) the address that
the feature uses (can also be something like housenumber 3-5 or 39;41;43,
is often just a single number although you could reach the feature
sometimes through multiple numbers).
There can be multiple things/POIs with the same address (particularly if
you do not consider unit or door numbers).
The POIs can be nodes or areas.

Additionally, we map the housenumber (in our case nodes) where they apply
to (gates or entrance=* or barrier=entrance).

For completeness: Some Italian mappers prefer to add the POI on the
entrance, or do not add addresses to POIs, so that the address is used only
once, others prefer to add addressing to all POIs.

> I'd also say that, in an example that appeared here earlier, where several
> properties
> can be accessed by any of several gates, the correct way to handle it
> would not be
> to put addresses on gates but by footpaths or pedestrian areas or similar
> and apply
> the addresses to the buildings.

I disagree here. Here's a quarter with houses inside walled gardens (with
openings, i.e. still semi-public space, slowly transitioning to closed
gates and gentrification though)

Map is still not complete, but while some houses do have housenumbers,
others only have entrances with letters (those with internal access) and
housenumbers on the gates that lead into the block.

> As I understand it, in some countries the emergency services use OSM.
> Knowing
> the building they can figure out which gate to use.  Knowing the gate may
> not tell
> them which of several buildings they need to get to.

usually the gate or entrance is more specific than a number for the whole
building. In exceptional cases like the above cited Garbatella, you will
need additionally a door in order to find the right building inside the

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