On 1/6/20 6:04 PM, Paul Allen wrote:
> As I understand it, in some countries the emergency services use
> OSM. Knowing the building they can figure out which gate to use. 
> Knowing the gate may not tell them which of several buildings they
> need to get to.
  We use OSM for emergency response since Google has poor data in my
area. Since the OSM data here is now quite detailed and accurate, it
literally dropped our response time in half. All our fire trucks have a
10" tablet mounted on the dash that works as a dedicated mapping device.
Our district covers several hundred square kilometers of mostly obscure
dirt roads left from the mining era.

> Then again, as long as people don't force me to put addresses at the
> end of driveways, I'm not going to put much effort into arguing the
> point.
  I think there is confusion as to a real building's address sign, which
may be at the end of the driveway, but in an OSM file, the address node
should be on the building. Or part of the building way's tags.

        - rob -

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