May I come back to the navigation aspect.
Let's assume I have a single square building aligned with the compass
directions. It is between two parallel East<>West roads. It is placed
closer to the road on the North side.
Its entrance is on the South side from the road to the South. There is a
fence around the plot that stretches all the way from one road to the
other. The access is by a gate in the fence to the South. No footpath or
driveway is on the map. With other words, a quite frequent situation in
OSM. If I put the house number on the building the navigation device brings
me to a point close to the house on the North road, where there is no
entrance. If I place the number on a node close to where the gate is on the
South road, then the navigation device brings me to the desired place. But
I have no information about the association between the number on the gate
and the building.

If you think this through we need a means to connect logically the
number-bearing entrance to the house it belongs to, IF we want to have the
number-building association as information in the map. But do we need this
information at all? Is it not enough to know that we have to go the gate
with the house number, if we want to go to the house with that number. How
I have to move on the property to get from the gate to the house is not
(necessarily) information that is on the map.
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