Should we remove some of the rare values of "emergency=" which have
got into Map Features?

Like some other key pages, the Key:emergency page is a big list of
features generated from a template, and the same template goes
straight to the main list of Map Features.

This is probably why the Map Features page section for "Emergency" has
24 values, even though half of them are rarely used and very few were
every approved.

These are the ones that seem questionable and maybe should not be
shown on this page for new users:

1) emergency=fire_flapper "A wildland firefighting tool also called a
swatter or a beater. It is designed for extinguishing minor fires in
rural areas such as heaths." - 46 uses
- I plan to remove this from Map Features

) =mountain_rescue - "A mountain rescue base for a team providing
search and rescue services in mountainous environments" - 185 uses
- Remove: rare tag, only relevant in some regions.

3) =drinking_water - "A facility that provides drinking water in
emergency situations" 1155
- Remove: it was just added, and definition is confusing

2) =fire_water_pond " A man made or natural pond with water for a fire
department." 2785 uses
- Remove: This tag isn't verifiable, or else it could be added to any
pond or small lake. It's not much used outside of Germany.

3) =access_point "A sign number which can be used to define your
current position in case of an emergency" - 5555 uses
- Remove: the similar tag 'highway=access_point" is much more common
and was approved.

These 3 I don't know how to handle:

) =fire_hose "A high-pressure hose used to carry water or other fire
retardant (such as foam) to a fire to extinguish it." - 1115 uses
- Uncertain: rather rare tag, though it does not seem to have any problems

) =landing_site "Preselected flat area for a helicopter to land in an
emergency" 2543 uses
- Uncertain: the tag aeroway=helipad is more common, and the
distinction  is unclear

) =lifeguard, lifeguard_base, lifeguard_tower, lifeguard_platform -
none is over 700 uses, total is under 1500 combined.
- Not clear how to distinguish these - should any be on Map Features?
Just "emergency=lifeguard", the most common?

- Joseph Eisenberg

(I think it will help to use a separate list at Key:emergency, which
can be longer than the "official" list of Map Features.)

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