On 18.01.2020 14:18, Joseph Eisenberg wrote:
Should we remove some of the rare values of "emergency=" which have
got into Map Features?

In general it might make sense to have the complete list on the key page of emergency, and a selection on map features.

Like some other key pages, the Key:emergency page is a big list of
features generated from a template, and the same template goes
straight to the main list of Map Features.

This is probably why the Map Features page section for "Emergency" has
24 values, even though half of them are rarely used and very few were
every approved.

Be careful not to look into lower absolute numbers for features that exist in reality only in low numbers.

Discussing some of your reasonings below:

) =mountain_rescue - "A mountain rescue base for a team providing
search and rescue services in mountainous environments" - 185 uses
- Remove: rare tag, only relevant in some regions.

Quite important in those regions!

2) =fire_water_pond " A man made or natural pond with water for a fire
department." 2785 uses
- Remove: This tag isn't verifiable, or else it could be added to any
pond or small lake. It's not much used outside of Germany.

Why is that not verifiable? Such ponds typically have a red-framed sign 
Ground-verifiable, not necessarily Bing-verifiable.

3) =access_point "A sign number which can be used to define your
current position in case of an emergency" - 5555 uses
- Remove: the similar tag 'highway=access_point" is much more common
and was approved.

This is a good approach to improve tagging of emergency features by aggregating them under the emergency key, in particular those that are not highway features.

) =landing_site "Preselected flat area for a helicopter to land in an
emergency" 2543 uses
- Uncertain: the tag aeroway=helipad is more common, and the
distinction  is unclear

The distinction is that aeroway=helipad is a purpose-built infrastructure,
while emergency=landing_site is a predefined spot that is only used if there is 
an emergency nearby.
This could be a meadow, and there might be an agreement with the farmer to cut 
the grass regularly.

(I think it will help to use a separate list at Key:emergency, which
can be longer than the "official" list of Map Features.)

Yes. I noted that the language-translations of the Key:emergency page are quite 
some having their own list, some used the Map features list. Probably there should be a template separate from the Map features template that can be included in each of them. Do you know how to handle translation of the subheadings in such case?


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