Sis Pam, I haven't gone to Cors Field, our baseball stadium yet!  Since most
games are played at night, it has been tough picking a day in which to go.
If possible, I'd like to go to a day game, but I'll bring my headset AM/FM
radio to the ballpark else I'll be left in the dust.

I did go to the Denver Broncos stadium a few times without a radio of
course.  That, I wouldn't do again!  

When I walked around a few ponds in Europe, I detested listening to Tv calls
for English Football, sorry, soccer!  I always preferred listening to the
games on the radio.  Upon return to the U.S. though, I thought that Tv game
calls here would be more exciting.  I was wrong and it didn't take too long
to find out.  Radio will always be my personal preference when it comes to
listening to any game calls and descriptions.  I have enjoyed the guys who
do it here in my clan and on ESPN radio stations around here.

Denver, Colorado 

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