Title: Re: ...working on version 9 — will essential changes be implemented? (was: The Bat! v8.8.9 MSI (3rd attempt))
lunes, 15 jul. 2019 at 22:49, it seems you wrote:

Yes, that allows you to tie a specific set of macros to a specific email address.  Better
would be to be able to specify a set of identities with different email addresses, etc.  
Then when I prepare a new email/reply, I should be able to simply choose the identity I
want from a drop down list.

Of course that it's a better way to do that you're asking for.

It is true that a certain send to address would probably always get the same identity, but
since I work with a lot of often changing correspondents, it becomes overwhelming to be
constantly adding new, removing old, especially since few identities would have only one

I have the same as you. One folder for a company with one or more correspondents. Sent and received emails in a threaded view on that folder and one identitiy for that folder.

The other thing is that The Bat has been known to throw away all my defined QT's, message templates, etc.
when using a new installer.  It is best to not have many, I think.  Even so, it is a nuisance for me when
I must reenter all I have.

I don't had problems with QTs from long long time, and I'm using TB! from the 1.x version.

The only problem I had so much times it's the lost of groups colors assigned to some emails. I don't isolated yet the problem so it's a bit difficult to report.


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