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re Delay when creating new message


> My normal setting is to reply to HTML mails in HTML (to not offend my
> business partners by cutting out their corporate identity in all its
> glory). 

  I do reply — as in this case — only with quoting those pieces of text which 
are relevant to understand what I am replying to.  Either by marking that piece 
of text, or cutting out everything not needed; this concerns certainly images 
including company logos. 

> I do believe that there is something in the HTML code that
> caused the TB HTML editor to choke but I have not reported it because
> I cannot put my finger on it. Does not happen will all business
> partners' emails.

  Creating a HTML message is certainly slower than plain text. Especially with 
TheBat! not using proper quotes, but the Procrustean bed of creating nested 
HTML TABLEs (shudder — one of the reasons why I do not recomment TheBat to 

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