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re Delay when creating new message


While replying to an HTML message, quoting should be done by BLOCKQUOTE, not by 
TABLE https://bt.ritlabs.com/view.php?id=1217

Bugnore added to the second one.

  is that you, with the user name "tombkk"? 
  I can't see any relation to the issue reported in #1217. 
  But from what you wrote there, I guess that your problem with delays creating 
a reply is the bad habit to copy the full correspondence with each single 
message which has ever been sent in this thread, unabridged with all the images 
  I consider this a very unpolite habit. Imagine you are sitting together in a 
conference, and each person, after delivering her or his contribution, repeats 
all those contributions which the others have made before, including all the 
grammatical errors and eh and ahm and what have you. 
  One should only copy what is needed to understand which part of the received 
message one is replying to. 
  Then you will have no delays before you can start writing. 

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