Hello Marck,

On Sun, 10 May 2020 11:02:46 +0100 GMT (10-May-20, 17:02 +0700 GMT),
Marck Pearlstone wrote:

> Greetings Bat Fans,

> I  have  been  experiencing a 15 second delay between a message editor
> window  opening  (new message, reply or forward - all the same) during
> which the whole TB interface is frozen.

> This  has  become  a  source  of  extreme  frustration for me. Hitting
> "Reply" and typing your thoughts is a distant memory for me.

> Is anyone else seeing this strange behaviour?

> I'm  writing  here, but this has been true for me for a long time now,
> over  several  releases.  I  can't  even  remember  at what point this
> started.

I can confirm this for many versions, and it happens often. I do not
use GPG.

It happens to me when replying to large HTML mails. Large in the sense
of many replies. Convos can be back and forth for weeks, that's
nothing unusual. But it isn't the Reply-To header: When it takes too
long to open the editor, I just choose Plaintext in the editor, and
the replies (or the openig of the editor, rather) on the next messages
are fast again.

Many business partners have set their Outlook so that the replies are
always in HTML (they want to show their logo and corporate identity in
their emails), so after a while, the replies slow down again.

My normal setting is to reply to HTML mails in HTML (to not offend my
business partners by cutting out their corporate identity in all its
glory). I do believe that there is something in the HTML code that
caused the TB HTML editor to choke but I have not reported it because
I cannot put my finger on it. Does not happen will all business
partners' emails.

(As a remark with regards to another thread: I cannot ask the business
partners to change their settings. It also won't help to point out
that this problem means nothing because Outlook is only one of many
email clients.)



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