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> Huh?  Perhaps I'm misunderstanding your comment but I can
> create a TB! shortcut and pin it to the taskbar with no
> problem. I now have a Bat icon on my taskbar.

I  can't  either.  At all. I've tried every way I could think of.
The  links don't come up, period. Every time it has to be started
with a 'search for software' .

It's  annoying,  but less so than the filters, the sig files, the
sudden sloooooowness ... those are dealbreakers.

Still fighting for it, but running out of steam. This sig, for
instance, must exist on my system somewhere, but it is NOT
current. I'm running Win7 at SP 1, or thought I was, and TB! is
now at 5.8.10 for a certainty .. unless the install failed
catastrophically with no messages, but put the old version up.
Where'd it get it from??? Sig files are hard linked in the
folder/address templates!

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