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> Well, I might be able to help with some of this stuff.  Lets
> try getting a TB!  shortcut on your task bar.  First, close
> all open windows on your desktop.  Second, if you're running
> Win 7, go to START+COMPUTER.  When the window opens up
> double-click LOCAL COMPUTER, then double-click PROGRAM FILES
> (x86), locate and open (double-click) the folder THE BAT!,
> right-click on TheBat.exe.  From the menu which appears
> choose CREATE SHORTCUT.  A TB!  shortcut
> (TheBat.exe-shortcut) will appear below TheBat.exe.
> Left-click and drag that shortcut to your desktop and drop
> it there.  Close all open windows, left-click and drag the
> shortcut down into the task bar and release.  A dialog box
> should appear saying "pin to task bar" which it now should
> be.  Now delete the shortcut remaining on your desktop as
> it's no longer necessary.  That's how I got my TB!  shortcut
> onto my task bar.  The same can be done for any program on
> your computer.

Jack,  I  just  did all that.

Filemgr  -  TB!folder - thebat!.exe - right click. Make shortcut.
Copy shortcut (drag) to desktop - right click

No links to 'pin to ..' anything at all, not on the task bar, not
on the menu, not from the icon on the desktop, nor from the icon
on the taskbar after TB! is loaded. In fact, before sending this,
I just went to the file manager and checked to make sure those
links wouldn't appear on the .exe icon, on right clicking it. I'll
check again after closing TB!, but I don't expect anything

Some  of  this  stuff may be WinDoze being 'helpful', but I'm not
discovering anything there, either.

The  weird  thing  is  that  now  TB! and some other packages are
loading  at  much  lower  resolution  than they were, or probably
should  be.  I'll pick the brain of the guy who loaded the system
here  this time.  I never used to let anyone load my systems, and
maybe  I need to go back to that, but he really is very much more
knowledgeable  than  I, and he offered ... and it was a gift, and
one  shouldn't look gift horses in the mouth, should one? Or have
they changed that rule since I was in school ..?

lol!  I do appreciate the help, though. It really is beginning to
seem like anything I touch goes badly south these days.



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