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T> On 12/8/2013 you wrote:

>> Huh?  Perhaps I'm misunderstanding your comment but I can
>> create a TB! shortcut and pin it to the taskbar with no
>> problem. I now have a Bat icon on my taskbar.

T> I  can't  either.  At all. I've tried every way I could think of.
T> The  links don't come up, period. Every time it has to be started
T> with a 'search for software' .

Well, I might be able to help with some of this stuff.  Lets
try getting a TB!  shortcut on your task bar.  First, close
all open windows on your desktop.  Second, if you're running
Win 7, go to START+COMPUTER.  When the window opens up
double-click LOCAL COMPUTER, then double-click PROGRAM FILES
(x86), locate and open (double-click) the folder THE BAT!,
right-click on TheBat.exe.  From the menu which appears
choose CREATE SHORTCUT.  A TB!  shortcut
(TheBat.exe-shortcut) will appear below TheBat.exe.
Left-click and drag that shortcut to your desktop and drop
it there.  Close all open windows, left-click and drag the
shortcut down into the task bar and release.  A dialog box
should appear saying "pin to task bar" which it now should
be.  Now delete the shortcut remaining on your desktop as
it's no longer necessary.  That's how I got my TB!  shortcut
onto my task bar.  The same can be done for any program on
your computer.

As far as the sudden slooooooowness, I can't help there.
Your sig, maybe.  My sig looks like this:


Jack LaRosa
:usflag: Central Alabama

Using The Bat! ver: %THEBATVERSION.

%ACCOUNT="Jack LaRosa"


The macros (all preceded with a percent sign) will supply
the correct information when you select the template you're
going to use.  As to where TB!  gets the template to use, as
there are several places to create templates, that's a
secret known only to select grand masters of TB!  I joke of
course but I always have a helluva time figuring out which
template I need to modify to accomplish any changes.

It may be that your sig(s) have text instead of macros in
them which is why they haven't changed.  For one thing as
you are probably already aware, the "cut mark" has to be
DASH+DASH+SPACE+RETURN to work correctly.

There are templates in the AB of course but also in ACCOUNT
PROPERTIES and FOLDER PROPERTIES.  I think that's all.
Which template gets used under which circumstances has
always been a mystery to me and I've successfully
accomplished changes only through trial and error (mostly

Hope some of this helps.

Best Regards, 
Jack LaRosa
:usflag: Central Alabama

Using The Bat! ver: 5.2.
Running Windows 7 Pro ver 6 build 7601 Service Pack 1

Current version is 5.2.2 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

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