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T>> Do you think one or the other method is safer?
>        I think transferring via the TBK backup is safer and cleaner
> . . . when it works (it usually does). Running the Maintenance
> Center first should help insure this. If it doesn't work, it is
> probably because of corruptions in your files that weren't fixed by
> running Maintenance. Then Peter's method of copying the data
> directory over will work, quite probably bringing the file corruptions over.
>        Remember, you still have the original data files and,
> probably/hopefully, a normal system backup of the same as insurance.

FWIW, I have used the internal back-up/restore methid several times
when moving to a new computer without any problems.

I don't run the full Maintenance but only "Delete Duplicates" and
"Compact" in order to not copy all the deleted files. I also "Empty"
and "Compact" Sent, Outbox and Trash.



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