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> If you install TB in the new machine and open TB it will look for a
> TBK. 1) If you want your data in the normal default location just
> open the new install of TB without allowing it to bring over the TBK
> info or setting up any account. That will establish the default data
> directory. Then point TB to your TBK and it will bring over
> everything to the default location.

I'm trying to do this right now, and have encountered a problem.  I
wonder if I'm not quite using the correct method?

On the new computer, after installing TB, I come to the "Create New
Account" box where, in the lower left corner, there's the option to
"Restore from...".  That's when I pointed it to my freshly created TBK
file.  Instantly, it went into "Not responding" mode, with the little
"thinking circle" just spinning.  Endlessly, it seems.

Am I supposed to somehow get past this "Create new account" box and
actually open up TB without having created a "new account", *then* use
the "restore" option to point to the TBK file?

I did run the maintenance option before creating the TBK file.

Some very specific help would be appreciated here.  Thanks!


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