Thank you everyone, very helpful.

I am still preparing my new pc and come across another
issue with TB that I need clarification. Some years ago I had
created an "Archive Folder" password protected for some very old
messages that I could not delete but did not need TB access every day.

I just checked and this folder is on a different directory as my other
folders.  I am not really sure what will happen now and if that folder
is  included in the backup file?  Given the size of 8.6gb I doubt that
it would be part of my normal tbk file (9.5 gb).
I  could manually put this folder onto the external drive but while my
current  drive  letter  is E and this shows up in the config of TB for
this folder, my new pc does not allow me to create a drive E, so my
backup/data drive will be F.

I could probably live with the archive folder now being dumped but
don't  want  this  to become an issue for my active accounts. Should I
move  this  archive  folder  temporarily back to the OS-drive together
with the other active folders under AppData\Roaming\The Bat!?

At the moment I can still access the folder and open it within the Bat
but don't know what would happen if I moved to the new pc and the
TB   looks   for  a  drive  that does not exist. Would it still appear
in the folder structure within TB, allowing me to open it and point to
the new F-drive at that point?

using TheBat! 8.8.9 on XP

Current version is 8.0.18 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

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