The numbers are generated using standard CSS "Counters". The Tiddler render 
is produced from a series of regular expressions that creates the 
stylesheet at its end here:

On Monday, 19 February 2018 18:53:08 UTC+1, BurningTreeC wrote:
> Can you give me a hint how you generate those numbers?
> Am Montag, 19. Februar 2018 18:50:18 UTC+1 schrieb @TiddlyTweeter:
>> Right. Its not a TW5 issue. Its a much bigger issue. 
>> I was at first completely confused by it. WHY on earth is something you 
>> can see on screen can't be highlight and copied? It seems mad to me. 
>> Obviously at some level it MUST be accessible since its in the final page 
>> render.
>> What surprises me most, I think, is apparent wide non-knowing of this 
>> phenomenon.
>> J. 
>> whatever wrote:
>>> Hey!
>>> While trying to find a solution, I found that this is not a TW5 issue, 
>>> it's apparently a CSS/DOM issue, because I couldn't copy generated numbers 
>>> on other sites either.
>>> w

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