Hi JD,  I want to express my appreciation of your work, I think it's great 
- and seeing my hammerjs widgets being used within it is really cool :) !

How's the swipe widget working for you?
We have put hammerjs to the tiddlywiki plugin library, so that it's enough 
to drag it from the prerelease page to use it
In the meantime I've modified the different widgets (swipe, pan, press, 
rotate and tap) to use that plugin and I've made some modifications that 
make them work better
I wanted to make a dedicated page for those widgets only, just haven't 
found the time til now. But I'll put them online soon!

How I actually want it to be revealed is by long-pressing the main FAB 
> button, but I think that's a mobile OS feature and can't be properly 
> implemented in HTML or CSS. Maybe it can happen via JS? 

The press widget I made also uses hammerjs and would do that - on a long 
press it triggers your actions. The annoying thing is that it also opens 
the rightclick-caret on desktop browsers when pressing with fingers on a 
touch screen. it's in use at http://tiddlypiano.tiddlyspot.com/ if you want 
to get a preview, I think I'll modify it a bit for the hammer-widgets-page 
later on

That said, you're doing really cool work, thank you very much!


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