> Yeah, a dedicated page for the widgets would surely help with spreading 
> the word around. A concise info page like this tiddler for the 
> ButtonWidget <https://tiddlywiki.com/#ButtonWidget> would make it easier 
> for other users to implement it in their projects, I feel like. 
> Oh, and yeah, thanks for pointing me towards the Press widget and 
> tiddlypiano <http://tiddlypiano.tiddlyspot.com/>! I'd play with these in 
> the coming weekend! 
> Cheers :)
> you're welcome, seeing those widgets being used I want to make them better 
and more user-friendly
I'll make the docs tiddly-like, so everybody knows to read them :P

> P.S. can I do a bug report here? Removing the "$targets" parameter on the 
> swipe widget gives me a Red Window when I click the Save-tiddler button. 
> And although the tiddler isn't saved after clicking the Save-tiddler button 
> (without the "$targets" param), I can neither close nor erase the said 
> tiddler... and I have to refresh the wiki to go back in time (so to speak). 
> I ran into this problem while learning about the widget and learned how to 
> avoid it, but this might scare first-time users? Let me visualize this with 
> a gif:
> <https://i.imgur.com/upV6DGm.gif>
Yes thanks for pointing this out, all bug reports are welcome, doesn't 
matter how and where
This is because it misses some checks, I think my latest version already 
prevents those errors...

On the hammer-widgets page I'll put the most stable versions possible and 
good docs, I'll post it in a thread and leave a note here

all the best,

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