He seems to assume that free software gives him privacy which is rather superficial considering the issues mentioned in this thread:


I also see that his optimism about what he wants makes him oversimplify fairly complex technological problems and reduce them to things like "plug server".

A few key moments:

"Firefox frees people from a net created by Microsoft"

Yeah, like ****



"My telephone calls are secured because they are placed through VPN and free software VoIP"

"All my surfing is done through proxies..."

He has obviously not explored into uBO and uMatrix and is stuck with ABP.

"I do HTTPS Everywhere, I never send anything unencrypted"

Well... CAs are not necessarily trustful OR independent.

"My web server is on my private VPN sitting somewhere in North America"

The land of the free :)

"Those of us who don't do technology must do teaching"

and he suggest that the teaching should be about asking "the question". But the problem with this is that he also seems to teach what the answer is which deprives the questioner of the possibility to look freely for oneself and to find a different one. He suggests existing formulas like Diaspora etc. There is danger in suggesting recipes because people easily stick to them and there is no real question. So the question must come without an answer, otherwise it is an imposition, not a free observation but a directed one.

Too many talkers, too few of them touch the actual essence of the problem.

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