You conflate free software, privacy and security. You also do not (or refuse to) understand that one program can be free even if others are not and we can still speak about the software freedom of that program.

I do not need to look at any other context to say that a program is free software, and I have yet to come across a case where I have a choice between a free and proprietary program and I did not choose the free one. It is exactly the same case with firmware: whenever I can use free firmware, I do.

If you look at browser market shares, back when IE had >75% of the market, Opera had something like 0.1%. That's what I meant by we would probably all be using Microsoft's browser. In any case, I am very thankful that Firefox and its derivatives exist.

Not sure what you mean by ring 3. First time I hear that term. If you mean freedom 3, I don't understand what "when the system is compromised at freedom 3 is nonsense." Without freedom 3, you cannot improve the program and share your improvements.

What authority do I pat in the back?

I don't have the time for silly arguments.

A large number of your posts over the past weeks seem to contradict that statement.

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