* Opera is not free software.

* Firefox is not perfect. You seem to live in a completely binary world. What satisfies your standards? If nothing, what are you creating that satisfies your standards.

* I can see you don't care who Moglen is. I do and I have a problem with you calling him a "talker" when he has done much for free software and privacy.

Look who's talking.

* I have spent weeks reading your posts, disparaging people I hold in high regard and who have always been helpful with me and others in this forum (such as Magic Banana), putting down projects I care about such as free software, etc. Against my better judgement, I have lost my patience and have been baited by your continued needling.

* I am not belittling what was shared, and quite a few people, Mason and Magic Banana among them, were very supportive of your efforts. You had no kindness for them either.

* How was I disrespectful to you?

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