Libreboot does not remove replace proprietary firmware all chips. You still have proprietary microcode for the CPU for example. So using a libreboot machine doesn't change things much. Also a libreboot machine suggest that you use a fairly old hardware. Oh... and libreboot does not fix the major hardware bug of Spectre and Meltdown.

FWIW I have 2 old machines (pre-Intel ME) which I would be happy to put libreboot on but unfortunately the MB's are not in the list of supported hardware and I have no clue if they will ever be. So it is pretty much a mission impossible.

> his strategy is to argue by demanding impossible perfection.

There are simple technical facts (non-free things) which you cannot eradicate by free software enthusiasm. I wonder why you are so stubborn and unwilling to understand it. I wish there was a perfectly clean and free computer but such thing doesn't exists for the moment.

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