I was answering Aristophanes. Did you read anywhere a question "How should I spend my time" or "What do I need"?

> If it had not been for Firefox we would probably all be using Microsoft's browser by now.

Opera was there before Firefox. (fwiw)

> Firefox is far from perfect, but you seem to have a dogmatic and visceral hate for it.

I have shown actual facts proving that Firefox disrespects user privacy by default. If facts are a dogma to you there is hardly any point in trying to participate in a meaningful discussion (or in any discussion at all). So far you have shown nothing but praising authorities.

I don't care who E.M. is and I have never given him personal qualifications (as you do all the time here). I commented on the video from my point of view - exactly what Aristophanes asked for. If you have a problem when someone asks something and another one shares observations - you may better check what is the purpose of internet forums.

> You spend your time here talking other people down.

Look who's talking.

> The only thing that came out from that web browser forum was you disparaging Magic Banana after he created two scripts to start your supposed project.

If you are trying to belittle what was shared, I don't really care. I am sharing for those who may be interested, not for some contentious persons who troll around like the politicians - patting themselves on the back and spitting vitriol at everyone else.

My "high horse" is actual facts. You seem to have nothing to share except unsolicited critique and disrespectful personal attacks. So your posts neither answer any specific question, nor give any useful information.

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