Too many talkers, too few of them touch the actual essence of the problem.

* Eben Moglen has spent his professional life struggling for privacy and free software. Since you seem to dismiss free software at ever turn, you may be interested to know that among many many other things, he was Phil Zimmermann's defense lawyer.

* Freedombox, the "plug server" you make reference to, is a real project, it works and is being developed.

* Firefox is free software. If it had not been for Firefox we would probably all be using Microsoft's browser by now. Firefox is far from perfect, but you seem to have a dogmatic and visceral hate for it.

* Moglen started his life as a computer programming language designer. He is a technically competent person.

* You spend your time here talking other people down.

* You speak of Eben Moglen as if he were some sort of snake oil peddler.

* The only thing that came out from that web browser forum was you disparaging Magic Banana after he created two scripts to start your supposed project.

* What have you done to place you on this pedestal where you look down on everyone else, including those who have dedicated their lives to ensuring we have choices in how we do our computing?

* You need to come off your high horse.

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