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> I would put some virtual money down on a bet against Kevin’s prediction of
> them ending up on each other’s show, at least in the form he suggests
> (shaking hands and laughing). I could see Hannity daring Kimmel to have him
> on so he (Hanitty) can confront the liberal monster to his face - and I
> could see Kimmel maybe being happy to do that - but that would strictly be
> a laughing *at*, not with you situation.
> If Hannity really will only stop when Kimmel apologies, then he will never
> stop. If, more likely, they stop when a critical mass of people stop
> caring, then I suspect they already have.
> Free publicity for both men/shows. It will end when the next idiot says
>> something stupid or posts something stupid on social media. And a year from
>> now, if not sooner, one of the guys will go on the other guy’s show and
>> they will shake hands and laugh.
What Kevin proposes is the equivalent of the Allen/Benny feud. The feud
exists to promote both shows and at the end they will get together and wink
at us about the feud. That doesn't seem what is happening to me. Hannity
certainly isn't trying to build up Kimmel's viewers among the FNC faithful
and Kimmel isn't trying to get people to watch Hannity. Hannity, in his
attacks, is trying to drive viewers away from Kimmel's show, not towards
it. Colbert had O'Reilly on both of his shows - on the Colbert Report it
was to show that both his and O'Reilly's shows were entertainment and not
news. Colbert had O'Reilly on the Late Show to show that he (Colbert) did
not see the rivalry as genuine.

Hannity is attacking Kimmel out of the blue. Kimmel said nothing about
Hannity; he did a bit based on a video clip of Melania Trump and Hannity
attacked him as a way to ride to her rescue. By striking back at Hannity
Kimmel makes it entertaining. Unless Hannity finds something truly
transgressive about Kimmel, and if he didn't have it before the first
attack he doesn't have it now, it's school yard name calling. In that case,
it's no-lose for Kimmel. He can continue counterpunching and making Hannity
look foolish until Hannity runs out of steam. And I predict that is the end
game. Hannity goes nowhere and gives up the attacks before he suffers too
much damage. But there is no scenario where they get together and pretend
it was all for show.

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