For me, the tell will be what, if anything, Kimmel says on Monday night's 
program.  His program was a rerun on Friday (as usual).  If Kimmel keeps it to 
Twitter and off a major network, this fizzles faster.
Now that I've checked their respective timelines and seen that this has been 
dormant since late Friday, it may not take that long.

    On Saturday, April 7, 2018, 8:59:59 PM EDT, PGage <> wrote: 
 I would put some virtual money down on a bet against Kevin’s prediction of 
them ending up on each other’s show, at least in the form he suggests (shaking 
hands and laughing). I could see Hannity daring Kimmel to have him on so he 
(Hanitty) can confront the liberal monster to his face - and I could see Kimmel 
maybe being happy to do that - but that would strictly be a laughing *at*, not 
with you situation.
If Hannity really will only stop when Kimmel apologies, then he will never 
stop. If, more likely, they stop when a critical mass of people stop caring, 
then I suspect they already have.

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