As I have noted before, the reliability of OAuth is an actual concern.
Also the availability of that easy one-time migration method (getting
the OAuth stuff when you have the username and password).

Twitter OAuth is still in beta. Ryan said that migration to OAuth will
become mandatory this year. That cannot be done until you move Twitter
OAuth into stable production mode. If you do not have the necessary
confidence in your OAuth implementation to do that, then you cannot
force anyone to use it.

On Jan 12, 3:01 am, Raffi Krikorian <ra...@twitter.com> wrote:
> > As it stands, developers who have relatively new desktop apps are
> > penalized by having updates from their app say 'from web'. Older Basic
> > Auth desktop clients continue to enjoy a link back to the client web
> > site with a 'from app' link.
> ...
> > I understand Twitter is trying to force people to use OAuth, but that
> > won't happen in a meaningful way until OAuth is reliable, has a truly
> > usable workflow (PIN method isn't it), and can work well with other
> > services (Twitpic, yfrog, etc). We aren't there yet.
> i'm trying to gather use cases around OAuth to help it make sense for more
> people to use it -- as it stands, we are not going to allow the source
> parameter to be set in new applications unless they come from OAuth.  so,
> please help me out!
> is the reliability of OAuth an actual concern?  do you have a suggestion as
> to what you would like to see other than the PIN workflow?  additionally,
> we're actively working on a "delegation" method for integration with other
> services.
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