> > What is the reason for no longer allowing the source parameter for
> > Basic Auth desktop apps?
> the ability to "forge" the source parameter is too easy when simply using
> basic auth.
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> Raffi Krikorian
> Twitter Platform Teamhttp://twitter.com/raffi

Hi Raffi,

If that is the reason for disallowing the source param, why is this
policy not being applied uniformly? How would users of Tweetie,
Twitterrific, etc. feel if all their updates now said 'from web'? How
would the developers of those apps feel?

You've stated yourself that issues with OAuth are being worked on. So
why are you hurting a subset of developers and users who aren't using
a system that isn't ready to be used? At the same time, you are
benefiting another subset that made the same reasonable decision?

Twitter is now a mature, massively funded corporation. The way you
treat your developer and user ecosystem and handle situations in which
corporate policy is uneven and unfair will matter more. This is one of
those situations.

Please do the right (and easy) thing and reinstate the source param so
that all developers and users are treated equally. It is simply a
matter of fairness.



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