EXACTLY my problem...

My original ticket:  1008949  gave the same problem last week--closed or 
deleted.  I ended up logging in using my MouseAddict account and creating a new 
support ticket (1009858) ...unfortunately it was around 900 tickets AFTER this 
first one...which makes me think my request will be acted upon MUCH later than 
I had hoped.

My hope is that since I emailed the first request, like they asked, their 
support system did not correctly hook the resulting ticket into the login for 
my Twitter account -- thus causing the ticket system's inability to find that 

Here's hoping.


On Jun 1, 2010, at 6:41 AM, jsleuth wrote:

> How long does it typically take Twitter to respond to a request for
> xAuth permissions?
> I sent an email to a...@twitter.com with the necessary information.
> The auto-response I received from them included a link to my ticket
> that didn't work.  Actually, the link worked but the page it arrives
> at reports that the ticket does not exist.  The URL says:
> http://twitter.com/?kind=error&message=Failed+to+update+user+with+new+properties:+Email+has+already+been+taken
> Is there a way to verify whether or not my request has been registered
> with their system?
> Thanks for you help,
> Jeff

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