I don't know what "it's not a good business to be in" means. Ryan has been 
posting this statement numerous times on his Twitter account as well.

Is Twitter saying "We believe that a Twitter client will not make a lot of 
money. Go ahead and try but don't say we didn't tell you so if you make no 
money."? Or are you saying "Don't go into the Twitter client business 
because we may shut you down at will for any reason"?

The other statement I keep seeing is that we'll be held to a "higher bar". 
What does that mean? Does it mean new Twitter clients might be rejected the 
way Apple rejects new apps? Could existing apps be shut down because they 
fall beneath this "bar"? Will we be getting any documentation specifically 
telling us what the criteria are? Will Twitter be doing this for all 
clients, or just clients that exist on the same platform as an "official" 
app (iPhone, Android, etc)?  What about clients that don't exist as part of 
a business, such as open source apps?


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