Hi Arno Garrels,
> Markus Mueller wrote:
>> The default is that it is not configured. Cause tcp window scaling is
>> also deactivated, I asume it uses the "normal" tcp maximum of 64
>> Kbyte. 
>> Without the "Tcp1323Opts" for Windows scaling a higher TCP Window
>> Size don't make sense at all. For more informations see
>> http://proj.sunet.se/E2E/tcptune.html
> TCPWindowSize 
> This value determines the maximum amount of data (in bytes) that can be 
> outstanding on the network at any given time. It can be set to any value from 
> 1 to 65,535 bytes by using the following registry entry:
> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\TcpWindowSize
> The default for a gigabit interface is set to approximately 65,535 (rounded 
> down to the nearest multiple of full TCP packets), 16,384 for a 100 Mbps 
> link, and 8,192 for all interfaces of lower speeds (for example, modems), 
> again rounded down. Ideally, this value should be set to the product of 
> end-to-end network bandwidth (in bytes/s) and the round-trip delay (in 
> seconds), also referred to as the bandwidth-delay product. This value should 
> be set according to the amount of TCP data expected to be received by the 
> computer.
Correct, beside the maximum limit of 65,353 in detail: With TCP Window
Scaling (RFC 1323) you can use values up to two Gigabytes. But, as
I sayed, you have to enable This option via Tcp1323Opts. And both, the
client as well as the server, must support this TCP option. See my sent 


Markus Mueller

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