hehe, okay, you're right. :-)

Markus Mueller
>> Correct, beside the maximum limit of 65,353 in detail: With TCP Window
>> Scaling (RFC 1323) you can use values up to two Gigabytes. 
> I read 1GB
>  From RFC1323:
> "Since the max window is 2**S (where S is the scaling shift count) times 
> at most 2**16 - 1 (the maximum unscaled window), the maximum window is 
> guaranteed to be < 2*30 if S <= 14. Thus, the shift count must be 
> limited to 14 (which allows windows of 2**30 = 1 Gbyte). If a Window 
> Scale option is received with a shift.cnt value exceeding 14, the TCP 
> should log the error but use 14 instead of the specified value."

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