I agree with Angus, you would be better off to send the e-mails individually to the recipients' mail servers. A good reason for this is the consideration and handling of send failures and bouncebacks - all of which are going to end up in your gmail inbox if you are sending through gmail.

At some point you will want/need to process the failure and bounceback e-mails to ensure that the affected addresses are automaticallly removed from the mailing list(s).

However, having said that, if you are going to send directly to the recipients' mail servers, you need to ensure that you avoid basic spam detection - such as the sending IP address not being associated with an MX record for the sender's domain, etc.


On 7/10/2014 7:33 a.m., Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
OK, will do, that sounds like just what I need as each month  the
system will have to send about 6 emails, each with about 90 bcc in
order to send an email with a 1 Mb attachment to around 550 people
max without falling foul of gmails limits.
One reason I wrote the mailer in the first place was so I could send
individually addressed emails in bulk, rather than using BCC mailing lists.
Takes longer if the body is large, but our bandwidths are now vast.

Not sure if Gmail is happier with single or multiple addresses, I have my own
public mail server so can do what I like.

Your application only requires the addition of domain lookup code to find the
MX host, and you can send directly to their mail server avoiding Gmail.

I intend to add that to the Mail Queue component, but have not got around to it
yet.  When combined with the SMTP server I wrote last year, that would give us
a forwarding email server.


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