> I think the main issue lies on OverbyteIcsHttpProt around
>     while FState <> httpReady do begin
> > if MsgWaitForMultipleObjects(0, Pointer(nil)^, FALSE, 
> >   1000, QS_ALLINPUT) = WAIT_OBJECT_0 then
> > {$ENDIF}
> >  MessagePump;

You never mentioned you were testing the synchronous methods of the
component, that is not a fair test of ICS performance, you should be
using proper events and the async component methods.   

MsgWaitForMultipleObjects has always been known to reduce performance
in sync applications, I always override it if using sync versions, such
as my TMagFtp and TMagHttp components.  

But without MsgWaitForMultipleObjects, your application will appear to
use 100% CPU (or 50% if two cores, etc) and some users think that is
bad, yet other heavy applications will still run fine.   


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