> In this time, did you already ear something like that with ICS ?
> Have you any idea where data can be blocked, and in this state 
> what can i do more than inspecting by wireshark and netstat ???

If I understand you correctly, you want to keep remote TCP/IP sockets
connected for several days at a time, presumably over a LAN or maybe a

There are so many ways a connection can be lost, routers and switches,
hardware issues, software interference, Windows Updates, etc.  

Even with keep alive, TCP/IP sockets can say connected but not be, the
only reliable way is to send and echo data, a proper handshake. 

The probability of it being a bug in ICS that no-one else has noticed
is highly unlikely, but not impossible, as explained previously I did
fix a timeout issue that caused a socket to be closed earlier this year,
which I found in one of my applications. 

You really need to find a way of bullet proofing your application, so
it reconnects if nothing is received for x second/minutes/hours, or use
regular handshaking for a more reliable and shorter timeout. 


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