We have had a very similar problem recently with non Cloud Core mikrotik 
routers. Nothing seemed wrong, but the router capacity to process packets was 
maxed out even though the CPU showed only around 70-80% max. After replacing 
the router with a CCR, everything was much better. I recommend upgrading the 
router to a CCR and see what happens. 

Travis Allen, President 
Total Highspeed Internet Solutions 
417-851-1107 x 501 

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I've got the same issue. I cant identify exactly when it started, just crept up 
over time. 

On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 11:38 AM, Steve Barnes < > wrote: 

I am trying to get every last drop out of our internet. Most towers have a 
MikroTik Routing, Netonix doing POE and Switching, Fed by AF5x, and Rockets or 
Prism for AP’s. Sometimes seeing some slow downs I cant account for. Wondering 
if MTU or Flow control needs adjusted. 

The MTU settings are as follows: 

MikroTik MTU: 1500 L2 MTU: 1598 Flow Disabled 

Netonix MTU: 1528 Both 

AF5x Up to 9600 Auto Flow Disabled 

Rocket MTU: 1500 Flow Disabled 

Prism MTU: 1500 Flow Disabled 

In your experience should any of these be adjusted? 

Steve Barnes 

Wireless Operations Manager 

New Lisbon Broadband 



765-584-2288 ext:1101 

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