Thanks for the perfect neat solution in C-style.
A nice example of Columbus' egg and also of why bother making it simple when we 
made it difficult.

Kind regards,

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you can use the mfscanf function:

r=mfscanf(-1,u,"%d.%d.%d, %d:%d:%f, %f, %f\n");

Serge Steer

Le 14/10/2016 à 00:08, Philipp Mühlmann a écrit :
Dear Scilab users,
having a data file (*.cvs) containg following format:

HEADER-Line, HH:MM:SS.MS<http://SS.MS>, value01, value02

dd = day
mm = month
yyyy = year
HH = hour
MM = minute
SS = second
Ms = milli second
ValueXY = numerical value

Is it possible to use cvsRead in such a way to define the separator beeing ',' 
and ':' at the same time?

desired Matrix after reading the file is
M = [dd mm yyyy HH MM SS MS value1 value2]

Thank you,

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